Friday, January 20, 2012

Behind the Scenes - Getting the Shot

One of my biggest challenges as I embark on this on-line venture is photographing my work.  It has been a learning curve and something upon which I am still working - big time.  When I look at my more recent photos, it makes me want to re-shoot everything.  Easier said than done of course.  It most cases it would mean that I would need to remake the items first.  And so, for the most part, I am stuck with some of my first efforts smiling back at me for a while in my shop.

I have taken photos outside with some success.  But, that requires weather conditions cooperate.  On a recent photo shoot of my capes, the wind thought it was being helpful by showing how gracefully they flow.  Not helpful.  Also, my little girl likes to "help" as well.  It can be difficult to concentrate on getting the right shot while keeping tabs on her.
Here's the one I finally went with. 
And so, I often shoot indoors in the middle of the night in my studio.  I am learning about lighting and aperture and all that.  Or rather relearning.  I took photography in school years ago, but that was in the days of darkrooms and chemicals if that gives you any indication of how old I am. 

At the top is a recent photo shoot of my wedding puppets.  I have to say that I must force myself to resist the urge to over decorate the scene.  I mean, wouldn't a few shots of polar bear and seal bridesmaids be hilarious? .... Get the shot Kathleen, just get the shot.