Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Few Favorite Resources

I recently was asked to speak for my church group about sewing.  How does one cover in thirty minutes or less a skill she has been cultivating for over thirty years?  Anyway, it was a fun evening among friends.  Here are some of the resources I shared with those ladies that night.  I do not profit from any of these links... They are just a few resources that have helped me along my sewing journey.  I hope they help you as well:

·   A quilting shop in Colorado Springs that is amazing – let me know if you’re heading there, I am always up for a road trip to The Springs!

· For machine repair or purchase, they are awesome!

· The little pink crafting iron I use.

· Some fine Brother sewing machines.  One for LESS than $100 at Costco.  A good functional machine. An excellent resource on all things sewing…

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